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Colpac would like to reassure its customers that the Company is doing what it can to mitigate the potential impact of the COVID 19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Colpac has amongst other actions taken the following steps:

  • Customer and Product safety
    • As you would expect from our full BRC AA accreditation we already operate to very high hygiene standards. These practices have all been revisited in the last 4 weeks to ensure that they continue to be best practice. Please note the materials we use to produce our packaging are certified as not supporting the growth or survival of biological pathogens.
  • Employee safety
    • Notifications have been distributed around our sites on recognising symptoms, best hand hygiene practices and the simple measures colleagues can take to minimise their risk of infection and spreading infection.
    • Notifications and briefings on company practice to encourage colleagues who are ill to stay away from work and to look after themselves.
    • Additional contactless hand sanitisers have been installed across all sites.
    • Travel Restrictions are in place to minimise travel to essential business travel and to avoid high risk areas
  • Supplier Management
    • Multiple suppliers are in place for the majority of supplies and are spread geographically to avoid a localised issue causing continuity issues.
  • Stock levels
    • The additional raw materials and finished goods we put into stock around the Brexit date and to allow for Chinese New Year have been and will be maintained in the light of the outbreak
    • Additional finished goods are currently being produced as an extra precaution
  • Ongoing Management
    • Board level review of the situation, with daily monitoring of the advice from WHO and FCO as well as following the support from our industry bodies, notably – BPIF, BSA and FPA.
    • Our Business Continuity Plan is in place and will be enacted if and when required.

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