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Microwave and Ovenable One-Piece Paperboard Pack

Benefits of Cookpac®:

Rigid, non-stick board – strong construction design
Unique, recyclable one-piece pack – tray, lid and sleeve all-in-one
Individual branding and printing opportunities
Custom made packaging sizes and window apertures, meeting your special requirements

Cookpac® is a new and smart packaging solution for chilled and frozen ready made meals, ideal for niche and quality retail markets, the catering industry, canteens in schools, colleges and hospitals, as well as for home delivery.

The all-in-one pack is offering you extensive branding solutions and it uses up to 80% less plastic than traditional plastic trays for improved sustainability and environmental impact.

Cookpac® Heat-sealable and Tuck-top versions are made to order.

Subject to minimum order quantities.

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