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Responding to retailer calls for easy-to-use, food packaging solutions for chilled and frozen ready-made meals and take-away, we’re launching the unique, ovenable, Cookpac® range.

Significantly, the Cookpac® range is dual-ovenable and, as an all-in-one solution, responds to growing calls for suppliers to create solutions which reduces unnecessary packaging, minimizing the use of plastic, helping retailers and food service operators meet sustainable objectives.

Colpac’s new Cookpac® range, is a unique, paperboard solution which can be taken from the fridge or freezer and put straight into the oven or microwave, and features several integral design elements to overcome issues relating to traditional ready meal packaging.

For ease of handling during oven or microwave cooking, Cookpac® has integrated heat resistant handles to ensure it is easy to take out of the oven, it features a self-ventilating film which releases slightly during the heating process to enable consumers to open the pack easily.

In addition, the shape of Cookpac® will not alter during heating, which frequently occurs with plastic trays, a concern which is particularly important to the elderly market.

Ideal for retailers, independents and any food service operator, Cookpac® is available in two separate designs, Same Day and Heat-Seal. While the former is more suitable for fresh food to be consumed on the same day, the latter offers an extended shelf life. Through the heat seal technology of Colpac’s food machinery range, ColSeal™, the freshness of meals packed within the Heat Seal Cookpac® range can be preserved and taken straight from the freezer and cooked frozen when desired.

For brands who are battling for shelf presence, the Cookpac® range is a premium packaging solution as it can be customised in size, design and construction to enhance the offering, and differentiating the brand from competitors. As an all-in-one pack, with a single SKU, Cookpac® allows for efficient storage, handling and reduces supply chain logistic challenges

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