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Composting & Our Products

Compostable packaging provides a circular alternative to plastic packaging. Our compostable packaging fulfils the same functional requirements and sustainable advantages as our non-compostable paperboard alternatives, with the added bonus of helping to combat the issue of food contamination (it’s all going to the same place!). Colpac was one of the first to market with compostable products in the 1990s and we continue to lead with a range of products manufactured in the UK. Where our products are marked as ‘compostable’, this means that the materials used to make them are commercially compostable within 16 weeks or 90 days to EN 13432 certified

Home compostable

Products that are certified as home compostable can be put in your home (or office!) compost along with your other food waste. Our home compostable products will break down in 4 weeks to 12 months. 

Commercially compostable

Products that are certified as commercially compostable can be put in your food waste bin or disposed of through a number of available waste management services and solutions that we can put you in touch with. 

What happens when packaging is composted?

The packaging breaks down along with food waste into a nutrient rich digestate/compost. The main way that packaging is commercially composted is through either Anaerobic Digestion or In Vessel Composting, where the temperature and processes can be controlled and monitored. The end product can be used for applications such as bioenergy or compost. 

Why not biodegradable?

Biodegradable just means that the material will degrade over time – but it doesn’t tell you what it will degrade into or how long it will take! Compostable certification confirms that the materials will biodegrade within a specific time frame and does not leave any toxic waste. 

Closed loop composting solutions

We are now working with partners in the UK, EU and globally to offer closed loop composting solutions. We would work with you and our partners to install composting machines on-site to digest all your compostable packaging and leftover food.

Talk to us about how we can help you to reduce the volume of your food and packaging waste, save costs, and invest in a circular future.

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