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Colpac has been recognised in the Special 2020 BSI Standards Awards for its ongoing contribution to the food sector throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Winning within the Standards User category of the special edition of the BSI awards, Colpac was selected due to the company’s use of BSI standards in the design and manufacture of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for its own manufacturing team, and its food service and retail customers.

Colpac continued to work with customers throughout the pandemic, modifying its existing range of sustainable, food packaging to meet quickly evolving needs. However, to ensure all food packaging could be safely manufactured at its Bedfordshire site, while helping customers meet take-away demands and make safe food deliveries, Colpac set up a working group in March, incorporating all areas of the business, to create high quality, accredited PPE.

In the first phase of PPE development, Colpac utilised the EN166 standard, published by BSI in the production for Personal Eye Protection, with reference to EN167 & EN168, as the cornerstone of its creation of a disposable face shield. By manufacturing in-house, Colpac was able to immediately protect its own workforce, as well as offer the disposable face shield to their customers.

“We implemented a thorough examination of the standards and associated certification in the creation of our food packaging solutions, so it was essential that we took this approach in the development of PPE to support our staff and customers during this unprecedented time.” Comments Frances Dickman, Compliance & QA Manager. “Having in place an already reliable & efficient supply chain, supported by our internal technical expertise in materials, we were fully equipped to quickly innovate, a more sustainable and most importantly safe solution to the PPE crisis. With standards embedded in our business and our familiarity when it comes to working in alignment with global standards such as BSI, we were able to fulfil the requirements and start an exciting new venture.”

“The BSI Standards User Award is recognition for the hard work and dedication of the entire Colpac team.”

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the national standards body of the UK, producing technical standards and certification on a wide range of products and services. The 2020 Special Edition of the BSI Standards Awards was created to recognise the individuals and organisations that have made great contributions to standards guidance or have used a voluntary standard in new, unprecedented ways specifically to support the UK’s response to the pandemic.

“I think we all know by now that one of the things which has kept many cafés, pubs, restaurants and other food outlets afloat during the pandemic is the ability to offer takeaways,” comments Shirley Bailey-Wood, Group Director, Knowledge. “They could not have done this if manufacturers like Colpac could not continue to safely provide the food packaging. And that’s not to mention the thousands of people who benefitted from safe food delivery. Colpac Packaging is being recognized with a Standards User Award for using the standards for Personal Eye Protection made freely available by BSI to design and manufacture new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required within their company and throughout the food sector as a result of the pandemic.”

For more information on Colpac’s range of PPE visit our PPE pages.

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