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Colpac is proud to be a supportive partner of UK Youth for Nature’s Wild Walls project.

UK Youth for Nature is the UK’s leading youth-led network calling on UK politicians and governments to take urgent action and tackle the loss of nature.

A public art odyssey, the group’s Wild Walls: Natural Kingdom campaign will see the creation of a series of murals across all four nations of the UK to highlight the impacts of climate change on nature.

Driven by the power of the visual arts, these murals will highlight species and habitats, directly relevant to where they are painted, that are in decline. The campaign is set to engage audiences in the importance of nature and wildlife and paint a concrete vision of a more biodiverse future.

As a business, Colpac has a big role to play in reversing nature loss, but one company can only do so much to make sure everyone operates within nature’s limit. Collective action to achieve real policy change is essential which is why we are delighted to collaborate with inspiring movements such as UK Youth for Nature’s to create one, powerful business voice.

UK Yout For Nature WIld Wall

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