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Catalogue 2018 – Food Packaging and Machines

Our new catalogue 2018 highlights examples from our extensive range of products and services, including innovative new packaging designs which have been created to meet the latest packaging trends as well as a direct response to customer demand.

While the new catalogue underpins our product and service offering, it also reflects the strong green credentials across our stock portfolio, from products made from compostable materials which are EN13432 standard, to recyclable and biodegradable packaging. With sustainability objectives rising amongst our customers we have clearly defined each of the different sustainable categories and attributed each to the packaging ranges within the catalogue, in a bid to help customers choose the right solution to meet both their packaging and sustainability needs.

Recycling Brochure

At Colpac, we are proud of the fact we were one of the first manufacturers of carton board packaging to offer environmentally-friendly products to the food service industry. This brochure is designed to provide information about how you can recycle our packaging and inform on our commitment to the development of environmentally friendly packaging design and innovation.


Food Machinery Brochure

Our range of packaging machines has been specifically designed for sealing paperboard food packaging. Our machines range from small counter top machines, for sandwich shops and delicatessen, up to larger production models ideal for higher volume manufacturers, including a unique range of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (M.A.P) for a longer shelf-life.

Special Offers

Our special offers brochure includes a lot of products which are great for your food offering.

Party boxes, sandwich packs, food packaging for ambient and chilled, take away, bakery and much more. Our paperboard food packaging includes hat-seal packaging which is ideal for keeping food fresh for longer and some packs of our Fuzione® combination packaging, plastic and paperboard combined, ideal for salads, pasta, rice and any other chilled food.

If you’re looking for offers on the take-away arena, we do have a colourful SsupaSnax design and a British flag design, ideal for festivals, street parties and events.

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Packaging for take away and home delivery

Microwaveable, ovenable & freezer range

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