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Colpac releases new range and first ever party brochure

Packaging company Colpac has revamped its party and gift offering for 2019 and, for the first time, has launched a 42-page brochure dedicated to the party and gift industry.

The brochure includes over 150 styles for buyers to browse, which are almost exclusively manufactured from FSC-sourced materials. The party food boxes are both recyclable and compostable, reducing environmental impact.

The new lines follow Colpac’s extensive research with children aged between five and 11, to ensure the party offering is in keeping with current trends.

The result is a range of meal boxes which are bold and vibrant, making them more appealing to a variety of age groups. New ranges have been introduced (including friendly monsters and space aliens), while popular themes (such as jungle lion and friends, football and fairytales) have been refreshed to suit current tastes.

In a bid to entice the 8+ market, Colpac has also redesigned its dinosaur range, replacing cartoons with more realistic images.

“We cater to a wide range of customers, from retailers to food service operators and distributors and wholesalers with a wide customer base,” says product manager Dave Robins. “Our party and gift range is purchased by theme parks, garden centres, wildlife parks as well as party distributors, so it is vital that our ranges are appealing and up to date.”

Colpac will also be launching seasonal ranges in 2019, to cater to the growing consumer demand for Easter, Halloween and Christmas party and gift ranges.


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