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We are expanding our range of Combione® packaging in direct response to food service and retail demand for more varied packaging sizes to fuel the increasingly popular ‘food-to-go’ market. From local delis and artisan food markets to big volume caterers and food manufactures; Our solution offers, quick, efficient and hygienic packing of fresh produce, from salads and pasta to fruit and sandwiches.

A unique packaging combination, Combione® consists of a paperboard base and plastic lid which are fused together with an innovative hinge for secure closing. The one-piece solution enables foodservice operators to assemble fresh dishes swiftly, overcoming issues relating to separate base and lid pack combinations such as contamination.

Speed of packing is essential for these retailers as the ‘food-to-go’ market hits £20.2bn – a quarter of all eating out spend in 2015.* While consumers adopt a more balanced health conscious approach to ‘fast food’ and snacking they also crave convenience with the rise in ‘deskfasts’ and ‘dashboard dining’ driving healthy, freshly prepared eat-on-the-go options.

This surge in demand is consistent with the growing requests we have witnessed for more varied pack sizes, in particular smaller sizes to suit health conscious customers looking for tighter portion control.  With current Combione® packs volumes ranging from 1110ml to 1280ml the new pack size (available from July) comes in a smaller 910ml size.

The unique construction and functionality of the Combione® pack makes it commercially efficient for food manufacturers as it can run on automated production lines. Available in black and printed Kraft effect, custom made prints are available to promote a food service brand. While offering increased product visibility, as well as easy on shelf stacking, the flanges of the pack are folded down far enough apart to provide space for a label for both branding and tamper evidence purposes.


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