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c-creative is a team of packaging design specialists located at the heart of the thriving, dynamic production site of Colpac.

We not only understand structural and graphic design itself, but also the wider context of print, materials, manufacturing techniques and practical implementation. Our unique positioning allows us the hands-on control of a project from beginning to completion.


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c-creative’s marketing and digital team conduct extensive research to ensure that our designers are kept up to date with food market analysis and trends from around the world.

The shared knowledge of the team enables us to address, technological, economic, environmental and social issues whilst developing exciting, creative designs of ever evolving food packaging.

The whole team are enthusiastic, diligent, and passionate about packaging design. It’s all in a day’s work to not only create packaging but to produce design prototypes for initial assessment, samples for test purposes (including shelf-life, transit, packing lines) as well as mock ups for photo shoots and exhibitions.


We look forward to working with you.


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