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Established in 1937, we design and manufacture creative, personalised food packaging products. Proud of our British heritage, we are based in Bedfordshire, a County in the East of England.

A private, independent company, operating from one, central manufacturing unit, we design, manufacture and sell a range of paperboard and combination packaging products, featuring strong green credentials, to food service operators and retailers globally.

Our company has been at the heart of the packaging industry for almost a century. We believe that an essential ingredient to our success is our ability to listen to our customers and adapt our products to suit changing market trends.

We have a dedicated, in-house team of creative and technical experts who work closely together to design, engineer and manufacture food packaging solutions. This enables us to not only deliver a personalised, efficient service, but also to create a solution which directly meets our customers’ needs.

“Years ago, packaging was merely functional and practical – a means to an end.

Unsurprisingly, things have moved on rapidly since then. The modern packaging industry helps to drive change, meet new environmental standards, and create products which are both eye-catching and lighter in weight.

As a supplier, we need to be at the forefront of this packaging revolution, continually providing innovative solutions to meet these challenges, and I’m proud to be at the helm of an independent, privately owned company that has played a key role in this sector for over 80 years.”


To be the global leader in niche, added-value food packaging solutions, underpinned by our innovation, quality, responsiveness to customer needs and green credentials.


To provide a comprehensive range of innovative food packaging solutions to customers around the world, working to exacting manufacturing standards in terms of quality, health and safety, hygiene, customer service and environment.





Frank Coleman (Luton) Ltd, starts trading in straw board from Holland.


Manufacturing of plain stitched boxes for the dress and hat trade begins.


Expansion into rigid paper covered boxes for the toy, game and greeting card industries.


Moving into manufacturing printed folding cartons.


Exhibiting at the very first Fast Food Fair in Brighton (UK), showing 6 plain white prototype samples. Company name changed from Frank Coleman Ltd. (Luton) to Colpac Ltd.


Successful expansion of our products and our network of distributors in the UK and over 20 countries worldwide.


The entire design, pre-production and manufacturing processes are housed ‘under one roof’!


A versatile range of over 600 food packaging solutions is in stock and more than 10,000 designs are available to choose from.


Today, we trade internationally with an established network of agents and distributors. Over 140 people work here and most importantly together we celebrate 80 years as an independent business.

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