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Colpac is a sustainable food packaging manufacturer with a focus on recyclable and compostable packaging.

Colpac have been at the forefront of the food packaging industry for over 80 years. Our expertise as a specialist paperboard packaging manufacturer and our comprehensive knowledge of the international food market has allowed us to play a vital and increasingly global role in the evolution of the food packaging industry.

Vision & Misson


To be the global leader in niche, added-value food packaging solutions, underpinned by our innovation, quality, responsiveness to customer needs and green credentials.


To provide a comprehensive range of innovative food packaging solutions to customers around the world, working to exacting manufacturing standards in terms of quality, health and safety, hygiene, customer service and environment.

With experience in consistently creating innovative, first to market solutions, we continue to pioneer new materials and designs to drive change throughout our industry, seeking to offer the best possible solution for sustainability and functionality. Innovation and environmental commitment are integral to our historical and ongoing business activity. Collaboration with suppliers, consultants and other industry leaders has always been key to ensuring we can place our products on the market with confidence.

Extensive market research helps us to keep our finger on the pulse of current and anticipated food and consumer trends. Working as a global provider, we understand the factors that influence packaging, from differences in humidity to the impact of food types on the material itself. Partnering with our customers and suppliers across the world is key to our market understanding and keeps us ahead of the curve.

The breadth of this market knowledge is strengthened by our on-site manufacturing capabilities. With everything under one roof, we can thoroughly test our products and provide our customers with a profound understanding of the manufacturing processes and materials used. This also enables us to create customised solutions which meet the specific needs of our customers.


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