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Corporate Social Responsibility

Recyclable packaging can be separated, collected, processed and then manufactured into a new product.

Recycled packaging is produced from recovered materials, therefore protecting natural resources.

Compostable products break down when exposed to sunlight, temperature and moisture, and meet BS EN13432 standard.

Biodegradable items break down into smaller pieces untill consumed by micro organisms such as bacteria.

As a British company with a proud history of more than 75 years of UK manufacturing, Colpac is very conscious of its responsibility and reputation for maintaining exemplary business practices with and by its staff, with its local community and its worldwide network of customers and suppliers.

Colpac is committed to supplying products which are manufactured and sourced in an ethical, fair and environmentally responsible manner and adheres to the highest of standards in terms of legislation, employment, bribery & corruption, Health & Safety and the environment.

Conservation at Flitwick Moor

Working with the Wildlife Trust ( Colpac is proud to support a new two-year project to encourage rare wildflowers to flourish in Bedfordshire.

Both meadow and pepper saxifrage are rare in the area and the money pledged by Colpac will help to give several key species of plants, insects and mammals new opportunities to thrive in the Flitwick Moor nature reserve.

Neil Goldman says: “We are delighted and proud to continue to support this local nature conservation initiative. Not only is it right on our door step but it is also in line with our green approach of manufacturing environmentally-friendly packaging.”

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