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is a British designer and manufacturer of food packaging products. Established 80 years ago next year, the company has since gained an international reputation as a leader in innovative food packaging solutions.

The company started in 1937 as Frank Coleman (Luton) Ltd, supplying stitched boxes to the hat trade, in a town whose football team was famously known as “the Hatters”. Over the following years, the next developments were the installation of printing machinery and a range of rigid box converting equipment which took the company into the sector of toys, gifts and games.

The opening of the first McDonalds restaurant in Britain prompted the company to take a fresh look at the marketplace. In the early 1980s, the company developed a range of basic products which it presented at the first Fast Food Fair in Brighton. From then on the Colpac brand was born and today our stock range of innovative food packaging disposable products numbers over 600 different items.

With exceptional know-how featuring strong green credentials, specialist food packaging design expertise and a bespoke range of food packaging machinery, Colpac is an ideal partner for the food service and retail trades worldwide.

Our talented in-house creative team can help you develop new ideas, apply your existing branding to new concepts and, with the knowledge of selling to over 50 countries, adapt your packaging to the demands of international markets.

Unrivalled expertise in paperboard and combination food packaging and a wide range of on-site capabilities give Colpac the flexibility to respond quickly to individual requirements and provide a personalised, efficient service.

Placing the utmost importance on listening to its customers and constantly improving its products, Colpac offers one of the widest ranges of stock items on the market.

We are a ‘Everything under one roof operation’, from concept to the finished packaging product.

Leveraging its unique on-site capabilities, wide range of standard and custom made packaging, specialised food packaging sealing machinery and in-house creative design skills, Colpac has the flexibility to respond quickly to individual market requirements and provide a personalised service.

Our Flitwick site hosts exceptional know-how and expertise in food packaging:

  • Experienced UK and Export sales team driven by customer satisfaction
  • Multi-lingual, responsive sales support and customer care staff
  • Creative R&D and Marketing team
  • Dedicated Machinery Engineering department
  • Extensive printing capabilities
  • Comprehensive die making and cutting operation
  • Full construction and graphic design service
  • Complete digital CTP repro’ and platemaking department
  • Wide range of packing and finishing processes, including lamination & heat forming
  • Machinery showroom
  • First-class manufacturing plant


“To be the global leader in niche added-value food packaging solutions, underpinned by our innovation, quality, responsiveness to customer needs and green credentials.”


“To provide a comprehensive range of innovative food packaging solutions to customers around the world, working to exacting manufacturing standards in terms of quality, health and safety, hygiene, customer service and environment.”

Neil Goldman
Director, CEO
Neil Goldman

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