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A brand new premium tomato pack, created by Colpac, has been launched onto the top tiers of Aldi’s supermarket shelves.

The global supermarket chain required a paperboard packaging solution in keeping with the high quality of the UK sourced fruit. In addition, moving away from plastic, it was essential that the paperboard used could handle any liquid penetration to ensure the tomatoes did not dry out.

“Due to the texture of tomatoes, it is not uncommon for one at the bottom of a pack to spoil and leak and spill juice during the packing and transportation process.” Frank Mills, Business Development Director for Colpac explains. “As our expertise lies in paperboard, we trialled a number of different paperboard options to provide the best possible solution for Aldi.”

The resulting paperboard pack is durable enough to sustain the tomatoes, and any liquid which permeates onto the paperboard is absorbed. For efficiency, and ease of packing, the packs are delivered to the packer fully constructed and nested in stacks, taking up very little room. Once the tomatoes are packed by hand, the pack is flow-wrapped before being delivered to Aldi supermarkets across the UK.

Supermarkets are increasingly moving away from plastic packaging, as it not only responds to growing sustainability pledges, but allows for customisation. “With paperboard packaging, manufacturers have the scope for customisation.” Frank explains. “Supermarket shelves are bursting with new product variations, but, through paperboard, manufacturers have the ability to tailor their packaging to capture the consumer’s eye.”

In a bid to create a premium look for Aldi, Colpac was asked to incorporate gold text onto a black background.

The result is a simple, elegant solution with strong branding on shelf.


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