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When looking at business costs, rubbish may not feature high on the agenda. However, according to WRAP (the government Waste Resources Action Programme), a quarter of all waste in the UK is generated by businesses and disposing of it can carry a high price.

Landfill tax, paid by any business disposing of its waste in landfill sites, has risen to £84.40 per tonne, with the Government continually increasing the rate in an attempt to encourage businesses to recycle more of their waste. Consequently, it is vital that businesses develop a waste management action plan to manage their internal wastage and ensure that the disposal route of every element of their products are clearly defined so the end user recycles correctly.

People are still unclear on the separation of packaging, for instance removing non-recyclable films from sandwich packs, or removing food contamination from a pack before disposing of it. Ensuring that the correct procedures are clearly documented is essential to driving down waste.

At Colpac we are very conscious of the waste we create as and what happens to it, we are proud to recycle 99% of our business waste. We have additionally visited our local recycling plant to understand how our waste is handle, what we can do as a business to improve this and ensure we are not adding to the landfill issue that the country is facing.

To provide our customers with additional information on how we recycle as a business and how to recycle and compost our products, we have released a new Recycling Brochure which can be downloaded here.

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