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Environmental interest and awareness has grown significantly in the last three decades resulting in higher standards and a growing range of eco-friendly packaging materials on the market. The choices are varied, from biodegradable, recycled, to compostable.

As specialists in paperboard, we are committed to developing our compostable ranges and educating our customers on the recycling infrastructure available to them.

In line with consumers’ ongoing commitment to ecological values in the UK and around the world, we offer packaging which is fully compostable. The boards, windows and barriers from our packaging can be broken down naturally and are absorbed back into the ecosystem. They decay into a nutrient-rich material and do not release harmful toxins in the process. Our ranges are compostable over varying lengths of time from 90 days* to 16 weeks*.

Created from wood-pulp, our compostable Zest™ range is fully biodegradable and compostable within 90 days, to EN 13432 certification. Printed in a Kraft effect for a natural look, the Zest™ range offers ecological packaging for different food-to-go products. To ensure that the whole pack (including food waste) is compostable we have incorporated a compostable ‘window’ made from acetate into the Zest™ packs, offering excellent visibility of the product within.

Earlier this year we extended our Zest™ offering to include a Compostable Ovenable Tray, created from 100% sugarcane fibres, making it an ideal ecoligically sound product for the take-away and home-delivery market, the Compostable Ovenable Tray is the only pulp bagasse tray which is completely mono-material, not laminated, and suitable for oven and microwave use.

To provide our customers with additional information on how to recycle and compost our products, we have released a new Recycling Brochure to educate on the different recycling and composting methods and this can be downloaded here.

*Process carried out at industrial composting plants

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