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Historically, packaging was just a container that allowed people to transport their food and drink from one place to another.  Today, things have moved on rapidly and the modern packaging industry is helping to drive this change. Products are being created to stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf and to meet the growing environmental concerns of the consumer.

The UK alone produces more than 170m tonnes of waste every year. Much of this is food packaging, and there is now so much of it that landfills can’t cope. Packaging plays a key role in addressing these issues, both to counteract the mountains of packaging waste which is still being generated and meet the drive for recyclable and compostable solutions.

Manufacturing environmentally friendly products is at the heart of Colpac’s business and tackling the issue is part of our commitment to developing products and solutions which will be kept out of landfill. Leading by example is key to this message and we look at every element to ensure we are environmentally friendly, which includes recycling 100% of our board waste.

Educating our customers on how to be sustainable throughout their entire supply chain is part of this focus on the environment. To aid with this we have released a new Recycling Brochure to educate on the different recycling and composting methods and this can be downloaded here.

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